Sheffield Supertram

Sheffield Supertram links us to the town centre and gives access to Meadowhall, Centertainment, Don Valley, Sheffield Train Station, the FlyDSA Arena and much more.

The nearest tram stop is Herdings Leighton Road which is on the Purple Line. Simply head out of the Caravan Site, up to the top of the lane and turn right.

Follow the dual carriageway until you get to the pedestrian crossing, cross here and you’ll see the tram stop opposite. The walk is roughly 20 minutes from the Caravan Site.

Head in the direction of town, but don’t worry if you get on in the wrong direction – there’s only one more stop on the line and the tram will soon come back and go the right way! A route planner, timetables and maps can be found via the link below.

There’s also a Park and Ride at Halfway.

Sheffield Buses

Sheffield has a huge bus network. The nearest bus stop is not far from the top of the lane. At the roundabout, turn right and you’ll find the bus stop shortly afterwards. There’s a crossing point (without traffic lights) should you need the stop on the other side of the road.

This stop is serviced by bus number 18 which goes to the centre of Sheffield and on to Hillsborough. You can see the Travel South Yorkshire website by clicking below, which is really handy for planning all sorts of travel routes, on buses or trams. It also shows routes into Derbyshire e.g. to visit Bakewell.

Travelling By Car

By far the best way to travel around the area is by car, as it offers the most flexibility.

Parking is generally good. Places like Meadowhall Shopping Centre have extensive free parking. 

Click the button below of more information on Sheffield City Centre car parking. 

If you’re visiting popular places like Chatsworth, Bakewell or other Peak District tourist hotspots, it’s advisable to check in advance what parking is like, though we’ve never had major issues, and many countryside locations (though not all!) have free options available. 

Local Taxi Services

Taxi services are generally well priced, especially to Sheffield City Centre as we’re so close, so you don’t need to worry about an extortionate taxi fare back to the site if you choose to sample the Sheffield night life. (Trams do run until fairly late, so check out public transport options for getting home too if you’re not bothered about the walk – just be aware that Lightwood Lane isn’t lit at night)

Here’s a list of local taxi services. Many won’t know exactly where we are, so you might need to stand by the site entrance and wave at them or direct them to the site once you’re on Lightwood Lane.

City Taxis 0114 2393939

Network Taxis 0114 2747747

You can also use Uber in Sheffield.


Sheffield Train Station

The nearest train station is Sheffield. You can get there easiest using the Supertram from Herdings Leighton Road, direct to the station in just over 15 minutes.

Sheffield Station has mainline links to London, Manchester, Manchester Airport, Newcastle, York etc. 

There are also regional services that stop at many of the smaller villages in the Peak District including Grindleford, Hope and Edale.