Sheffield – where outdoor adventure meets city culture

Sheffield’s Industrial Past

Sheffield has a complex industrial past, famous mainly for steel production. It was a large producer of cutlery, stainless steel and crucible steel throughout the industrial revolution. Forgemasters, founded in 1805, is now the only independent steel works in the world, and produces some of the largest and most complicated steel forgings.

Sheffield also had a large coal mining industry on the outskirts of the city, and the Moss Valley where we are located, used to be important in the iron making and coal mining industries.

During the 1980’s lots of Sheffield’s industries were closed down. In 1990 Meadowhall shopping centre was built on the site of the old steel works. It created lots of jobs, but caused the further decline of Sheffield centre as shoppers chose Meadowhall’s convenience instead. Now there are many projects focussed on regenerating the centre of Sheffield, and it’s changing a lot each year! Getting more and more beautiful too!

This walk, takes you through the heart of Sheffield’s industrial past from Meadowhall to Kelham Island, which is really up-and-coming currently, and has been voted in the top 10 neighbourhoods in which to live in the UK.


Alongside the obvious, hiking, mountain biking and climbing, Sheffield is also a city that loves other sports, from Football to Athletics and Snooker!


Live music is part of Sheffield’s identity. We also have the largest theatre complex in the UK, outside of London. Then there’s the cinemas, bowling alleys etc…

Places of Interest

When it comes to things to do, there are so many options here. From museums and art galleries, to ale trails and city gardens. See some of our city favourites!

The Peak District

We’ve mentioned a lot about the Peak District and its hiking, mountain biking and climbing. However, there’s plenty of other things here to draw your interest!

Sheffield – The Outdoor City

Sheffield is the only major city in the UK to have National Park within its boundary – how amazing is that?!

The topography here is very unique, we’re spread between 7 large hills, meaning the local cyclists must have strong legs! We also have world famous gritstone and a large community of climbers.

DC Outdoors run a variety of outdoor activities in Sheffield, such an stand up paddling on the waterways, kayaking and canoeing, climbing and abseiling, weaseling and stream scambling.

Sheffield is also a hub for mountain biking in the UK with a variety of purpose-built trails, and natural routes throughout the Peak District.

And of course, there’s the hiking… did we mention we’re on the edge of the Peak District already? Maybe we did… There’s enough hiking here to keep you entertained… probably forever!

Annual festivals in the Outdoor City include Cliffhanger and the Festival of the Outdoors!